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Actualizado: 18 jul 2022

Thomas Elsaesser, Wolfgang Ernst & DARTS

“I worry whether media archaeology is itself an ideology rather than a way of generating new kinds of knowledge " (Thomas Elsaesser)

The aim of a Media Archaeological evening at La Virreina was generate a space for sharing different approaches to the media and art histories taking into account perspectives, agents and variables under-explored in the established narratives of Art / Media History.

Through the ‘research lenses’ and case-studies introduced by Thomas Elsaesser and Wolfgang Ernst we approached two different understandings of the fertile domain of Media Archaeology and its implications in the construction of divergent frameworks of the pasts/presents/futures of Art and Audiovisual Media and its related practices, infrastructures and agencies.

The presentations and the dialogue between these two pioneers researchers in the Media Archaeologies domain was followed by an extended and participative discussion with researchers of DARTS and the public.

Download the docuementation of the evening designed by Pau Waelder:

Descargar • 509KB

“The most important media archaeologists are media technologies which look at other media.” (Wolfgang Ernst)

Organized by UOC Chair in Design & Multimedia Creation.

Coordinated by Vanina Hofman with Enric Mor, Irma Vilà i Òdena & Pau Alsina.

La Virreina, Centre de la Imatge – Espai 4, La Rambla, 99. Barcelona.

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