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Open Seminars at the Centre de Documentació of the Museu del Disseny Barcelona.

In the context of Projecte Càtedres conducted by Enric Mor, I've coordinated a series of four seminars that adressed conceptes as "diseño desbordado" or "Ciencia co-creada".

The Teléfonica-UOC Chair in Multimedia Design and Creation in collaboration with the Documentation Center of the Barcelona Design Museum organized a series of seminars on design research, from different perspectives and approaches.

Each seminar was moderated by a guest who presented his/her work, generating a space for exchange and joint discussion with attendees. The seminars were designed to promote an active participation of the audience, and an unprejudiced dialogue in order to strengthen local networks of professionals-researchers working in the field of design.


October 9th. From the classroom to the laboratory: thinking about environments for creation, co-design and learning. By Susanna Tesconi, designer of learning environments and researcher.

November 13th. Overflowing design. Design without designers. Irreverent practices for researching society in the 21st century. By Efraín Foglia, designer in digital interactions, researcher and teacher.

December 11th. Co-created science. Developing a visual and collaborative language for disciplinary diversity within new territories of knowledge generation. By Enric Senabre, researcher in the group at the UOC’s Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and deputy director of the Observatory for CyberSociety.

Researchers, designers, artists, curators, educators, cultural managers and other members of the community interested in researching for, about and with design were invited to participate.

Coordinated by Vanina Hofman in behalf of the Teléfonica-UOC Chair in Multimedia Design and Creation.

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